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And she breathed.

Im sorry it's been so long since my last update, I wrote this a while ago before the homwork crunch began. Im sorry it's so short, but im still working with ideas for the next segment. And, like always, this is subject to change. 



            Kneeling besides the cadaver, Murder began to weave. Through examination, she could see that it had been badly torn, blood now cold and stagnant in the girl’s veins. A lung was ripped, bones shattered, small fragments punctured into the thin membrane of her heart. And the light reached out, calling wordlessly to the reaper, desperate to repair its vessel and master.  

            The process was long and arduous, difficult because of the damage. Murder let her fingers weave her light into each crevice of the body, beginning with the damaged heart.  She drew out the shattered bones, watching in silent joy as they fused back, wrapped together by her own red light. The lungs were simple enough, the film quickly mending beneath her touch. The bullets were gradually removed; difficult due to their positions, yet one by one the twisted masses were extracted. Their wounds closed slowly, but it was impossible to remove the scars. As she watched, each ligament and tear was slowly twisted and repaired, the green light softly becoming a deep scarlet. The blood drew up, becoming permanent designs all along the girl’s body, curling like smoke, entwined now within the flesh. The liquid snaked itself upon the scalp, a halo of deep color, hair long ago shriveled and dead upon the pavement.

            With a last heave, Murder tore her light away, the body finally repaired.

            And the girl began to breathe.



rotten reapers- the RELAX files

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