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Meet Rotten

And so the story is continued....

The unweaving is done, Murder has finished her task. Why, then, did she hesitate? The girl is dead and gone; yet, the job was faulty and uneven due to the circumstances. Green Light is still entwined within the flesh, unmistakable to Murder’s inhuman eyes.

 She watches it, three twisted strands curling like smoke along the body. They fumble around, alone, each writhing against the cold and death encasing them. Once again her mind strays for an answer, inner conflict raging beneath the calm of her face. There could be a way, another answer – There is. The Light… But the consequences would be enormous, the ripple even larger…yet she knew there was a way. There had to be. To save just one life…

The unintelligible emotions of the Reaper twisted within her – new, accidental, unwanted. But as she watched the dying light dance beneath the skin and snow, Pieces of a solution tied themselves together within Murder’s mind.

Before letting sanity recover, her own light flared, a deep scarlet, as her plan was put into motion.





            The boy was up on the rafters, coarse brown hair, as always, falling over his eyes, a single plait of hair resting itself on his shoulder. His eyes were closed, hands crossed over his chest. His pale skin stood out among the many beams, no breath coming from his body in the dry cold about him. His jacket hung limp at his side, everything about him still. Light illuminated his form through a hole in the roof, the old wood creaking with the strain of years, yet the sky above him was gray, clouds thick with water. A snowflake landed softly on his pale red lips, melting slowly into water through the muted heat of his body. More began to fall, the air muffled with the tiny white stars.  

            His eyes opened effortlessly, unfocused up towards the snow. They were icily emotionless and unreadable, one eye yellow, the other green. Nothing moved, darkness of dusk blurring the floating snow into a wash of moving white. He stayed that way for a long time, hardly blinking as he watched the light fade even through the clouds. A sigh, so small as to be nearly unheard, broke through his lips. But he remained unmoving for only a moment longer before his body jolted up, attention focused on the floor below him. A match was struck, the tiny flame bathing the broken building in a yellowish-orange light.

            “We’re back,”

            “We found you something, Rotten!” 




rotten reapers- the RELAX files

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