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Next. Meet Wednesday


In the true language of everything, the name given to death is life, a name of inversely equal power. Thus they are, in fact, equal. So can each summon the other, so are their powers the same, each can destroy the other. In doing so, however, they would both be destroyed. Hence it is the natural checks and balances slowing the impending decay of reality. And so it goes. Life cannot exist without death. Nor can time exist without a thought’s reality. Nor can I. For what is existence, really? One intellect knowing another? No, that’s not it, is it. Or is it?

            But, of course, it is one thing to learn and another to understand.

            You may learn, in time, who I am. But you’ll never understand.

You must realize that understanding is entirely dependent on language, the pairing of obscure sounds and invented meanings called words and phrases. In your thoughts, there are no words reserved for me.


            But if you MUST give me a name, as you humans always must, I will allow you to call me Wednesday. No, I am not what you call TIME, and I am fully aware of your unusual names for him. And I do not control as he does, nor am I so kept as he.

            But WHAT am I, you may ask? Haha, have Patience. You will learn soon enough. Besides, I can’t have you bored with me just yet, can I now.


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