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Her slender back was to the lamp light, long coat thrown carelessly over her sleeping companion. Her skin was pale, illuminated in the dead cold night; smooth and unbroken but for the living name carved in black on her spine. Her body did not shiver though it was unhidden from the snow, covered barely by the bindings around her chest, by the knives and guns surrounding her small form. Her trousers hung loosely over her emaciated hips, the edges of her shoes gently brushing the sleeper’s side as she rocked back and forth. Short black hair, messy and damp, hung limply over her eyes. Her pupils were clouded in thought, their color similar to gold littered mud.

            Murder exhaled involuntarily when it came, unsurprised at the familiar, anticipated whisper on her back. She felt death’s sharp anger in its pulse, stabbing at her with its soft, twisting, incoherent message. She looked over at the body, absentmindedly running her hand over the scars it bore, finding its dull warmth strangely comforting. She, the girl who died, was alive. Alive. She marveled at it, at herself, at the world. And she smiled without understanding why, letting the odd motion stay as it was.

            The black mark twisted fiercely, Death’s command biting ruthlessly into her skin. The sensations were odd, new to her as her mind tried to understand the burning. She sighed heavily, looking up apprehensively, pleading inwardly for guidance. Drawing the girl into her arms, she lifted her small body almost effortlessly, as much to keep her as to calm herself.

            Murder walked slowly through the winding alleys, knowing instinctively which way to turn. Her doorway was not far. If only the girl would wake.

Forgetting Time is Fatal:


            Innocent blood upon the wall

            Draw the door and watch it fall

            Be wary as you loose the gate

            Always moving, never wait

            Death is far and death is near

            Death to those who forget fear

            In the fireflies it’s found

            What men thought buried in the ground


            Death is far and death is near

            Even death can’t catch you here

            All may try

            Things will die

            Here you can’t remember fear. 

            In our mind we may

            Stay our time

            Though what they know

            In the darkness shows

            Maybe nothing and

            Everything again

If it isn't obvious what this is....Well, just look closely


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